24 Hours, 2010./2011.

1. Morning

10x (740mm x 470mm)
Combined techniques, acrylic and college

Subject of this work is the problem in a relation of a young man and the world, especially the impact of media on the possibility of free choice and way of life.  The basic human right of every individual to choose own education, work, lifestyle, place of residence, the community where they live is imposed and limited by culture within which  the individual lives and the global consumer society.  The work focuses on the ways they affect the the freedom of the individual and the forming of his or her personality. It investigates the extent to which different media set the standards which determine the "proper" way to live, and why “to have” and “to be” are synonymous for us today.

The combination techniques, as well as the themes and motifs drawn from a variety of media both echo and delineate the characteristics of the consumer society, and the way it insists on presenting all objects as “better”, “more beautiful”
Combined techniques, motifs and themes drawn from different media emphasize the characteristics of the consumer society: they present objects as better, more beautiful and necessary for the purpose of sale. Not emphasizing their true value (functionality, quality), but a possession of a number of "selected" items and the imposition of fabricated forms of behavior as the only "correct".

The purpose of this work is to show 24 hours in the life of a young man imprisoned by consumerism and the modern society which defines his way of life. Do we ever have a choice?  Is there a way out?


3. Madness