Ana Assunta

Ana Assunta
 (Story of Anorexia Nervosa)
Year: 2013th
Technique:mixed media, acrilyc on canvas

Project Ana Assunta is a view of the aspirations of people suffering from anorexia nervosa for a disembodied form. It presents visual materialization of a condition that initiates a person to seek dematerialization and self-destruction as the way of escape. Body is addressed as the source of pain, shame and problems in an effort to preserve the psyche of the pain and devastation. Since this is not a realistic shape, person seeks weightless form and no number is small enough. A person pushes the limits as long as it is external factors permit.
The name Ana Assunta was created from a combination of the names Ana, name for anorexia and Assunta, in Christianity transitions of the Virgin Mary into Heaven (Mary Assunta) as a quest for purity, perfection and liberation from earthly pain and suffering. 
Using puppets/child portraits it tries to link the illness with childhood that is terminated by sickness. Models become the platform for emotions and actions, showing the effect of anorexia on the outside, depicting the destruction of the body. Whilst, the outside consequences are only faint traces of the inside actions and results of disease.