Cycle „Connection“, 2011./2012.
Dimension: 4 x (1000mm x 700mm)      
Technique: acrylic on paper 

Cycle "Connection" explores the theme of human relationships and the relationship between man and nature. Connection between people, the possibility of contact and travel. Their ability to arrive at any part of the Earth and at the same time the separation of man and nature, man and man. His focused path, detached from environment is symbolized by a train tracks. Human aspirations for a newer, better things, progress, technical and science achievements results in his loss of true happiness. Train as a major technological advances in a period of time, here converted into a true loss of contact with nature, the supremacy of technology over humanity.
  "Connection" is a project initiated by observing and recording (video and photos) of people, trains, tracks, stations at different times of day during the year. Changes that occur in an infinite continuum of rails, and redefine the material realization of the acrylic and video.
The aim of this work is to present the question of the extent to which man has the choice to change the situation and decide for themselves. Do we have to repeat, stay inside the box or have a choice? Does loneliness come in natural or we should try again to get close to the nature?