Four Female Archetypes

“One is not born woman but rather becomes one.”
Simone de Beauvoir

The woman, an inspiration and main character in my project, is a base for discovering the subject of person, identity, its roles, gender and sexual differences. Moreover, I see and portray her as four Jungian archetypes within contemporary cultural and sociological situation, which results in a series of four pictures accompanied with a pair of juxtaposed photographs each.

These four archetypes show different identities of women in private and public spheres: a mother, a lover, a queen and the wise women. Also, each is displayed as the image of women in media and culture where her presentation is often reduced to the contrast, a virgin or a prostitute.

Furthermore, photos in pseudo-documentary form record masks that are socially imposed on women as well as those which they take to protect their original self. The image of hipersexualizated women in advertising, culture and other aspects of life is opposed to the figure of a woman who hides behind a mask to defend her privacy.

The result, I am pointing out the importance of accepting the diverse roles women play in our lives and their freedom to choose the way they want to present themselves to this world and take part in it.

Project made on CreArt Residence

*Photography of paintings details by courtesy of Alice Caracciolo

The Lover

The Queen

The Mother

The Wise Woman