My Family

My Family
Year: 2013.
Technique: photography

Identities, roles and generally self perception in the private and public sphere are topics reviewed in the experimental documentary photographic form and text that functions as a whole.

My family, the inspiration and main characters, let me through their ​​story to touch the questions of person, personality, role, gender and sexual divisions. Recorded private situation (inside) result in documentary material, which in the process gradually loses its shape and becomes fiction.

Unadjusted, everyday situations, intertwining lives of participants, repetitive actions and situations, accident, mistake, the most prominent parts of the work. I'm trying to move away from the clear display and translate them into a broader context.

Form and structure are variable, photos do not form a closed unit and leave room for personal interpretation. The idea is the same, each photo is related to the same topic, but in a different way. Retell the relationship between me and my family, the space in which we live, the role that we take and that we were assigned.