The Death of Objects

„The Death of Objects“
Year: 2012th
Technique: wood, acrylic paint, objects
Dimensions: 550x550x30mm, 370x470x30mm

The work "The Death of Objects" is a document of different subjects  in a moment of their life and their metaphorical deaths.
Their existence makes sense in a purpose that we see in them, the desire to possess them, the current impression that they are needed. After the initial enchanting mediating the effects, through the process of adaptation, habits, usage, they become part of everyday life. At a certain period of time in our lives they fade and die. These dead things do not disappear, they stay around us, creating a museum of fossils, the tomb of the consumer society. Memory  of the first spark, the one for  which we wanted it disappears and there remains an empty shell.
The layout, right and left wings, the shape of squares and rectangles determine the nature of the initial items in them. The right rectangle, oblong, apparently more flexible, with rich framework is filled with mostly archetypal female subjects, and the left wing, square, static and sturdy men. Their ratio depends on the location and layout of the two opposing poles but the content partially overlaps. Their content through time and habits begun to resemble each other in the chaos of whiteness and dullness.
"The death of Objects" is a death of all unimportant things around us, all imposed by some external influence as important and necessary. Only by being aware of this process everyone will find the objects and people that time can not touch. Because memories of the person who gave them to us or lived event, become a personal item in the general transience, not the pressure and obligation but a stimulation to a new research, and freedom. Awareness of  the imposed leads to liberation from the dead objects and its repression, the deconstruction of their remains to a freer world.